Hazel Tan on her greatest challenge yet

Karen Bristow
08 May 2019

Hazel Tan on her greatest challenge yet

Dixon Advisory’s Hazel Tan has never let the fear of failure stop her from trying new things; if it had, she might never have joined the firm―let alone come to Australia to begin with. Indeed, even during moments of fear, Hazel has bravely taken on new challenges―driven by an inner determination that has underpinned her personal and professional successes since relocating to Australia 13 years ago.

Hazel’s journey has taken her from the busy Malaysian city she once called home to the tight-knit community of Canberra, where she took up a full scholarship to study at the Australian National University. “It was a big move to do alone as a young woman,” she reflects. “In a way, I’m proud of myself for going the distance to further my education in Australia.” There, she discovered that the world of finance was her true calling, and eventually went on to complete her Masters in Finance and apply for a role with Dixon Advisory. “What drew me to Dixon Advisory was its strong presence in the Canberran community,” she shares. “I really liked that it was embedded as a trustworthy and familiar fixture for locals.” However, after five years in Canberra, Hazel craved a change of scenery―one that reminded her of home―and subsequently set down new roots in Sydney.

"I have to remind myself sometimes not to let my fear get the best of me..."

As a Sydney-based director, Hazel works closely with clients in both Sydney and Brisbane, and also draws on her personal experiences to help mentor budding finance professionals. “We all work in a very supportive environment,” she says. “There’s also a level of friendly competition which pushes us to be the best we can be.” But although the firm’s positive work culture has provided Hazel plenty of room to grow, she has still had her fair share of challenges. “Although I’ve been working with Dixon Advisory for nearly 10 years, some new clients are surprised by my youthful appearance,” she explains. “I’ve worked hard to go above and beyond first impressions, gain trust, and consistently demonstrate my knowledge and experience in working alongside the Investment Committee.” Hazel now shares her knowledge with a much wider audience, often appearing in the media to discuss the latest in finance. “I have to remind myself sometimes not to let my fear get the best of me,” she says. “But appearing on television is an interesting challenge that has taken me out of my comfort zone and has allowed for further development, which I appreciate.”

"We're excited for the future!"

When she’s not working with clients, Hazel enjoys travelling and appreciates good food. Strolling along the streets of country towns and trying local delights―far removed from her experiences in big cities―is particularly interesting. While she has previously enjoyed trying new experiences like skydiving and scuba diving, Hazel says this is “all about to change for a while”. Now, she prepares for her greatest challenge yet: motherhood. “I’m currently in my second trimester,” she reveals, adding that her sudden craving for burgers confirmed her suspicions of her baby’s gender. “I had a feeling it was going to be a boy!” In preparation for the birth of her son, Hazel says she’s reading about parenting tips and tricks. “Some of my clients have even shared their tips with me!” she adds. On multiple levels, Hazel has come a long way since relocating to Australia as a young student―but is she ready for motherhood? “I don’t think anyone is ever sure about being a first-time parent,” she says, laughing. “There will be lots of changes, but we’re excited for the future!”


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