A true Jac of all trades

Karen Bristow
22 Aug 2018

A true Jac of all trades

Jac Strelow

Meet Jaclyn Strelow – the hard-working Head of Capital Markets who, on a daily basis, manages a number of teams to support the facilitation and ongoing oversight of all corporate finance and capital raising transactions for Walsh & Company, part of the Evans Dixon Group. Despite the seriousness of her role, at heart “Jac” is just like us: a passionate human being who craves new, exciting experiences to further her understanding of the world around her.

It’s with this same curiosity and zest for life that Jac has pursued her career – a stimulating journey of twists and turns that has taken her from Australia to the United Kingdom and back again. Through her travels, Jac has sat in Supreme Court trials while working for a judge, practised as a solicitor and worked as a corporate M&A lawyer for some of the biggest names in the world. But, even as she pursued her career in law, she realised her heart wasn’t entirely devoted to it. After exploring different paths, Jac happened upon a promising role with Walsh & Company – one that would harness her love for business, people and problem solving, while still utilising her extensive legal knowledge.

“While it's been difficult for women to progress into leadership roles, the benefits of gender diversity are well established.”

As a woman who has worked hard to be where she is today, Jac reflects that it’s often been challenging for other females in the workforce. “Historically, it’s been difficult for women to move and progress into leadership roles,” she says, noting that an increase in workforce opportunities represents a variety of new doors opening for professional women – particularly for positions on senior boards and committees. “The benefits to organisations of having gender diversity are well established and can assist with better outcomes. After all, companies risk not meeting the needs of segments of their target market if they don’t have input from representatives in their product and service.”

“Learning to understand different people’s motivations and perspectives can be challenging, but rewarding!"

Likewise, it hasn’t always been easy for Jac. To achieve her goals, she learned to wear many hats and at one point in her career, successfully balanced her full-time role as a lawyer in Brisbane with her Executive MBA studies in Melbourne – all while relocating to Sydney for a new role in a different field. But luckily, Jac enjoys a challenge. One of the most challenging – and rewarding – aspects of her work now involves effectively managing and harmonising different teams, expectations and talents to provide solutions to common problems. “Understanding people’s motivations and where they’re coming from can sometimes be difficult, particularly when you need to try and think about something from a different perspective,” she says. “I really enjoy that. It’s a challenge, but it’s definitely rewarding.”

Indeed, diversity appears to be an underlying theme in Jaclyn’s life. When she’s not at work, she likes to keep herself busy by attending the theatre, art shows and watching live sports. But above all, she enjoys meeting interesting people who offer different perspectives and new learnings on life – many of which she has taken into her workplace.

One of the things Jac loves the most about her job is her team. In particular, she believes working with an intelligent, collaborative team that has a sense of humour is essential to a thriving workplace culture – especially when working longer hours and with tighter deadlines. She explains: “The quality of people makes an enormous difference. I think the culture at Evans Dixon is really exciting. It’s fast-paced and no two days are the same, but we all love what we do and importantly, always make sure to take the time to appreciate all the work we’ve done, both individually and as a team.”


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